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Tokai Midwakh Filter 7 Piece

CubaT-Tokai Midwakh Filter 7 Piece
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  • Brand:Shisha
  • Type:Filter
  • Quantity:7 Pieces
    • Sized for Medwakh pipes. Activated carbon filter. 5 Packs of 7 pieces per pack. Compare to Turbo Double Filters.
    • Made in Japan.
    • Tokai bio-pipe a safety device for cigarette smokers and dokha / medwakh smokers. It reduces intake of tar and other harmful substances of the smoke to give you a cleaner experience.
    • It alsoprovides burn protection to your lips and avoids darkening of lips. The best thing for your health is to quit smoking. However, for those who are unable to quit, tokai filters provide an alternative to reduce intake of tar and other harmful substances into the lungs.
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