Salim Lighting Cubes - 12 Pieces

CubaT-Salim Lighting Cubes - 12 Pieces
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  • Brand:Salim
  • Type:Lighting Cubes
  • Number of Pieces:12
    • Once you've lit coals with lighter cubes, you'll never go back. Lighter cubes are your answer to fast, ash-free, and environmentally safe charcoal ignition. Even in windy or wet conditions, the cubes will light and ignite the rest of your charcoal in seconds, without the smell or taste of lighter fluid tainting your food.
    • Get grilling sooner with our odorless, non-toxic fuel cubes that light easily, even when wet. This is the ideal companion for any charcoal grill. Box of 12 cubes. Fast lighting, environmentally safe and smokeless. Can also be used in any well-ventilated indoor or outdoor wood-burning fireplace.
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