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The Grossery Gang

The Moose Grossery Gang S1 playset is a kind of back side of Shopkins. These are the most distant, funniest and craziest collectible characters you've ever seen. They are made on the basis of all the familiar things from the nearest supermarket. There is such a city as Chiptown - once it was very lively, there were many Shopkins and many buyers. But then a busy highway was built in the city of Sale, and since then no customer has dropped by Chiptown. Shopkins kids began to wither, sour, deteriorate, disappear, crumple and rot. And so they united in the nasty and nasty Glossery Gang. Main advantages: each pack contains a collector's booklet that lists all 150 collectible figures figure storage box included each figurine comes in two colors the figures have different coatings - flocked, metallized, sticky, but they are all made of harmless materials the collection includes common figurines, rare, ultra rare, special and limited Specifications Quantity: 1 piece Package dimensions: 12.5x1.5x10.5 cm Material: plastic Manufacturer: Moose, Australia. Recommended for children from 5 years old.
Price BHD3.500
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