Philips Sonicare Powerup Battery Toothbrush

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  • Brand: Philips
  • Model Number: HX3631
  • Type : Battery Toothbrush
  • Color : White/Blue
  • Mode: Clean
  • Battery: 2 AA Battery
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Brush heads: 1 PowerUp brush head
  • Battery Life: 120 2-minute brushings
  • Speed: Up to 15,000 brush strokes/min

    • Simple, Gentle, Superior- Designed to be as easy to use as your manual toothbrush, while delivering superior results and a better experience.With more brush strokes in a day than your manual in a month, PowerUp removes more plaque, helps reduce cavities and improve gum health.
    • Familiar brushing motion- Familiar brushing motion and brush head shape of a manual toothbrush, but with the cleaning power of over 15,000 strokes per minute.
    • Helps improve gum health- Effectively helps improve gum health via a gentle cleaning action.
    • Helps reduce cavities- Brushing twice a day every day helps reduce cavities. Sonic Technology- More strokes in 1 day than your manual in a month. Over 15,000 strokes per minute.
    • Removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
    • Clinically proven safe and gentle- Your toothbrush is safe to use on all dental work.
    • 2 minute timer helps ensure recommended brushing time- Timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time.
    • Handle- Ergonomic design and Rubber grip for easy handling.
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