Multiball Vitamin Lollipop, 15 Pieces Per Box

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  • Brand:Multiball
  • Type:Supplement
  • Content: 15 Pieces
  • Targeted Group: Children
  • Product Form: Lollipop
  • How to Use: Oral Use
    • Multiball Lollipop Multivitamin is the most delicious form of vitamins.Children will both have fun and take 12 vitamins and 3 important minerals required for their growth thanks to multiball lollipop multivitamin.
    • It is rich in zinc and vitamin C which support the immune system in children.
    • Contains important B-group vitamins for children's mental development and school success.
    • Contains 200 IU of vitamin D for healthy bone development.
    • Easily enjoyed by children thanks to its excellent taste offering 4 flavor varieties: orange, strawberry-lemon, apple and tropical fruits.
    • Does not contain harmful preservatives such as Paraben.
    • Giving vitamins to children has never been easier
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