CH-Alpha Fortigel, 30 Vials/ Box

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  • Brand:CH-Alpha
  • Type: Supplements
  • Content: 30 vials x 25ml
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • How to Use: Oral Use
  • Gender: Women, Men
  • Why To Use: Treatment
  • Where to Use:Joints & Cartilage Health
  • Condition: Joints Problem,Cartilage Health
  • Ingredients: Collagen,Selenium
    • A kind of dense connective tissue that lies between the joints of the bone is the production of a substance for the possibility of moving bones. Rebuild and also helps to produce collagen, which forms 70% of the components of cartilage Here collagen in turn maintain the flexibility of joints
    • Treatment should be taken at any time of the day with or without meals and can be mixed with orange juice - you should continue to eat CH-Alpha even if the symptom is improved for the period prescribed by the doctor and usually two to three months - respond to treatment vary from person to person, Severity and degree, may respond to the treatment above or to and must be under the supervision of a doctor to prevent any complications -
    • It has been enhanced by the Rose Hippe, an anti-inflammatory substance that relieves the use of analgesics.
    • It also contains selenium, which scientists consider an anti-inflammatory substance also, and helps to stimulate the construction of collagen.
    • Vitamin D: its many benefits in the absorption of calcium and bone and muscle building and strengthening nerve cells in the body.
    • Shake the vial before drinking the contents
    • There is no need to dilute
    • Slight color changes of the liquid may occur;however, these have no effect on the effectiveness of the product
    • Overdosing has no effect and does not increase the benefits of CH-Alpha.
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