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  1. Korkmaz Kahvekolik Turkish Coffee Maker-Black

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Kickstart the day with a cup of coffee for the rest of the day ahead! Most of us start our day with a hot cup of coffee. The mood and energy it gives pump up the day. Real Coffee lovers wish to have coffee even in the middle of the day. That love for coffee is the only reason Bahrain is flooded with cafes. Coffee at hand while craving is heavenly. Stressful workplaces need something to de-stress and most of the time it's a coffee break. Here comes the convenience of having a coffee maker at places we spend most of the day.

So, if you are a coffee lover why not get a compact instant coffee maker? That allows you to take it anywhere and you can operate the machine with less energy. A shot with your choice of flavor and intensity (Sample packet) with the sachets of sugar, if needed, is a refreshment and money and time saver. If you are a coffee person head for a coffee machine, it's the ideal solution. The process of brewing a coffee is so satisfying with its tempting aroma and taste. The coffee with a coffee maker is way faster than the conventional gas-lit coffee. A single-serve coffee machine boils the water in 30sec-5 minutes. So, cant wait to get one?

Order via experience the online shopping store/app/web in Bahrain, will be delivered in 2 hours. Browse different brands the platform has including Philips, Geepas, Korkmaz, Saachi, Kenwood, Sonifer, Arzum, Braun, Delonghil, Ariete, Optima, Beko,along with the affordable prices.

Freshpikk.comfocuses on different models, brands that will definitely give you a wonderful shopping Bahrain serves with quality and amazing customer service. We got you covered!

  • Why should I buy a coffee maker?

    Coffee lovers and coffee makers go hand in hand. There is nothing more than a coffee that boosts the energy from morning till the end of the day. Coffee a day keeps the stress away. A coffee person is picky and explorative with the flavors, intensity, hot or cold. all these specifications can be met easily with a coffee maker at home, offices, outlets where you spend your day. the compact size of a coffee maker is an add-on to fit in anywhere and is easy to move. Enjoy the taste of robust in every sip!
    Order via and get convenient doorstep delivery.

  • What are the best brands for coffee machines?

    There are different brands, models, and specifications. You get to know more about it from including different models of Philips, Geepas, Korkmaz, Saachi, Kenwood, Sonifer, Arzum, Braun, Delonghil, Ariete, Optima, Beko.You can choose the product based on your taste and preferences. We have a range of coffee machines for cappuccino lovers, Turkish coffee lovers, Normal coffee lovers, and cream coffee lovers.

    Order Now via and start your day afresh and stay energized all day long with your daily dose of coffee.

    There are several types of coffee makers that you can buy from online shopping sites, like electric variants, French presses, espresso and latte makers, drip coffee machines, percolators, filter coffee machines, and coffee brewing machines.

    Depending on your need, whether it’s for personal use, home or office you can opt for a single-serve coffee machine or choose from the variants that can make two, three, or more cups of coffee in one go.

    Models such as the Geepas 1.5L Coffee Maker, Delonghi will be sufficient for 6- 9 cups. If you are a Cappuccino lover, you can opt for Geepas Cappuccino Espresso Maker, Saachi Multifunctional 3-in-1 Capsule Coffee Machine, Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino, etc. that help you to make cappuccino, with the same taste of an expensive coffee shop at home. Temperature controller, filter holder, anti-drip valve, and automatic overheat protection add the efficiency.

  • How can I buy a Coffee machine Online?

    There are multiple online shopping platforms in Bahrain. You can browse with any keywords related to coffee on the product page, coffee maker, and check the product features. Always try to opt for a known brand with good reviews. You can check the watt, capacity, warranty, etc.

  • What should I look for when buying a coffee maker?

    1. Your Budget:
    There are multiple brands that are available in Bahrain with multiple price ranges. The price also varies based on the capacity of the coffee machine.

    2. Check the brewing temperature.
    The ideal brewing temperature for a pot of coffee is 196°F to 205°F. If you’re really into (good-tasting) coffee, you’ll want to make sure that you buy a machine that can brew the coffee at the perfect temp.

    3. The number of coffee you drink a day, counts.
    If you drink one cup of coffee in a day, go for a single-use, single-serving machine. If you are looking to buy one for family, office, consider the number of people consuming coffee. there are more machines that can hold up to 12 cups of servings.

    4. Cleaning
    If you have to flip open a lid in order to add the coffee, and that lid hits the bottom of your upper cabinets before it can open all the way, that might not be ideal. Make sure it fits in your kitchen — and your lifestyle. For eg: the carafe that has to be hand-washed daily and you’re not sure about the time doing as a daily chore, perhaps move on to something that can go in the dishwasher.

    5. Time required
    Another factor to keep in mind while ordering a machine is the time it takes to brew a coffee. Taking too much time to warm the machine up and then start functioning for just one coffee a day may not be ideal for late mornings or for rush hours. Therefore, choose a coffee maker that serves you perfectly.

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