Arzum Okka Minio Pro Turkish Coffee Machine OK0010BK, Copper

Arzum Okka Minio Pro Turkish Coffee Machine OK0010BK, Copper
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  • Brand: Arzum
  • Type: Coffee Machine
  • Color:Copper/Black
  • Power : 480W
  • Cup Capacity : 4
  • Overflow Prevention System : Yes
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Pot : Yes
  • Ideal Cooking on Heavy Fire : Yes
  • Voice Warning System : Yes
  • Light Warning System : Yes
  • Safety System : Yes
    • Arzum OKKA Minio Pro brings joy to your meetings with foamy Turkish Coffee brewed slowly with the ideal consistency thanks to its anti-overflow system and the capacity of 4 cups and durable and long-lasting stainless steel coffee pot.
    • Mini Pro, with its minimal elegant design and bright color, brews coffee slowly for making your coffee taste a whole lot better and the delight of coffee brewed on cinder comes to your home.
    • Occupying a smaller space in the kitchen thanks to its minimal design, Arzum OKKA Minio Pro can be taken anywhere easily
    • Arzum OKKA Minio Pro offers the Perfect Turkish Coffee experience with its ability to brew coffee slowly at the right consistency, anti-overflow smart brewing sensor, ergonomical design allowing to use of right and left hand and stainless steel washable pot.
    • Arzum OKKA Minio Pro, with its elegant design and innovative use of technology is ready now to take its place in the kitchens with its durable stainless steel coffee po
    • Stainless Steel Coffee Pot
    • Ability to brew up to 4 cups at once
    • Ideal consistency, rich foam on slow fire
    • Audio and light warning system indicating cooking time
    • Anti-overflow system that stops cooking at the right time with the smart cooking sensor
    • Washable pot with washable technology
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