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Flamingo Frog Splint

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  • Sprains and strains: Strains occur when muscle or tendons are overstretched.
  • Sprains are an over stretching or a partial tearing of ligaments.
  • Flamingo Frog Splint gives you a great relief.
  • Get high quality and durable orthopaedic product from Flamingo delivered to your address at best prices.
  • Specific Uses Of The Product : Recommended in hyper-flexion injuries and collateral ligament injuries of Distal Inter Phalangeal joint.Recommended in hyper-flexion injuries and collateral ligament injuries of distal inter phalangeal joint.
  • Maintains interphalangeal joints in correct position.
  • Foam padding ensures comfortable fit.Commonly occurring finger injuries are due to recreational and occupational accidents such as mallet fingers, boutonniere deformity, trigger finger, swan neck deformity, dislocation and fracture.
  • Other common injuries occur among basketball, foot ball and baseball players.
  • Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis may cause deformity of hand and fingers.
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