Crea Yellow Brazilian Wax, 500 GM

Crea Yellow brazilian wax
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  • Brand: Crea
  • Product Type: Wax
  • Quantity: 500 Grm
  • The Brazilian Elastic Wax Wax with Titanium Dioxide from Créa has an excellent result on all skin types and with all hair types.
  • With the addition of Titanium Dioxide, it is effective on the whole body, guarantees excellent results in the depilation of the face, armpits and Bikini area.
  • Like all Brazilian Créa waxes, it is used WITHOUT STRIPS, acts with a single tear and has greater efficacy than the classic waxing.
  • No depilatory strips
  • Bidirectional tear
  • Painless
  • Excellent on all types of hair
  • Excellent on all skin types
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