Crea Green Brazilian Wax, 500 GM

Crea Green brazilian wax
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  • Brand: Crea
  • Product Type: Wax
  • Quantity: 500 Grm
  • The Brazilian wax Grren Elastic Wax from Créa has a particular formulation with the addition of Mica.
  • It guarantees an excellent result on all skin types and with all hair types.
  • Effective on the whole body, it guarantees excellent results in the depilation of the face, armpits and Bikini area. Like all Brazilian Créa waxes, it is used WITHOUT STRIPS, acts with a single tear and has greater efficacy than the classic waxing.
  • No depilatory strips
  • Bidirectional pull
  • Painless
  • Excellent on all types of hair
  • Excellent on all skin types
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