Calmofair Caramel Taste Powder, 20 Sachets

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  • Brand:Calmofair
  • Type: Supplements
  • Content: 20 Sachets
  • Item Form: Powder
    • Calmover is a drink made of barley extract that helps to get rid of waste and toxins accumulated in the gut and colon because its dietary fibers absorb water, making the texture of the waste more soft, and this causes easy disposal and exit from the body, which maintains the health of the colon.
    • Activates the movement of the colon and intestines, which helps push toxic waste out.
    • It reduces the possibility of colon cancer growth. Strengthens the immune system in general, which supports the health of the digestive system and colon.
    • Calmover sash: An effective and integrated food supplement in the treatment of colon disorders and sleep problems, improving and reducing the level of stress and cortisol, the main cause of colon disorders, as well as reducing its accompanying symptoms in the digestive system
    • The only product in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia containing lactium that reduces the stress hormone cortisol, boosts the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin and secretes the sleep-improving hormone melatonin.
    • Scientifically proven with research and studies. 97% of Calmover is made up of fibers that help calm the digestive system from cramps and get rid of gas
    • Fiber nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the body, which in turn enhances the body's immunity and fights harmful bacteria, increases the happy hormone serotonin
    • Available in caramel and lemon flavour
    • Indications: Colon disorders. Sleep disorders.
    • Dosage: Colon disorders From one to two bags a day dissolved in a glass of water or juice.
    • Sleep disorders: Two sachets an hour before bedtime, dissolved in a glass of water or juice
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