Boom City Racers Hot Mamale Car Set! with starter Toys 40059

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  • Brand:Boom City
  • Model Number:40059
  • Colour:Multicolour
  • Type:Toys and Games
  • Recommended Age:6 Years
  • Size toy car:8.5x4.5x4cm
  • Double Challenge - Set of 2 Boom City Racers cars. Put the car in the shooter, fire and you will see how the car moves quickly thanks to the additional drive. After the car hits an obstacle, it explodes and falls to pieces. Folding back is very simple.
  • In the package: 2 explosive cars, one of them is exclusive, you will not find them in another set, mini ejector, ejection cable.
  • Boom City Racers most explosive and fastest cars. Put it in the shooter, fire and watch them fall apart. Put it together and you can shoot again. Play alone or with friends.
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