Zigzag Bar 150cm, Silver

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  • Type:Zigzag Bar
  • Color:Silver
  • Rod Length:150 cm (5 feet)
  • Maximum Weight:160kg
  • Sport:Fitness,exercise
  • Suitable For:Adults
  • Used For:Excellent choice for home gym user
    • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION – FITSY curl rod 5 feet with barbell lock is built to facilitate efficient weightlifting; this curl rod barbell is made with a high-quality iron with a chrome finish that combines superior functionality and practical design for enhanced durability. Its deep threads ensure secure fastening of plates.
    • DESIGNED TO DEVELOP ARM MUSCLES – This curl rod for gym is constructed to target and enhance your arm muscles when you perform exercises to boost your biceps, triceps, and forearms. This gym equipment weight bar also enhances arm strength, power, and control. Great addition to your weight room;Perfect weight and length for learning various lifts; Excellent choice for home gym user as well as professional gym.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD SIZE PLATES – This curl bar is designed to be compatible with standard 1-inch weight plates without collapsing; this bicep curl barbell secures weight plates effectively with its threaded posts and spin lock collars for an efficient workout.
    • ERGONOMIC BAR SHAPE – Train with this zigzag exercise gym bar rod that’s easy to use and assemble! The 5 feet standard weightlifting barbell rod is one solid piece with strategic ergonomic bends in the shaft to limit stress on the wrists and reduce common injury risks.
    • SAFETY SPINLOCKS – You can forget about unstable plates when training! This triceps curl gym rod features threaded spinlock collars that attach firmly onto its end to secure free weights and prevent them from moving when you exercise.
    Package Contents:
      1 Curl Weight lifting Barbell and 2 Safety Spinlocks
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