Wella Koleston Hair Colour Creme 305/0 Light Brown - 50ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Koleston
  • Type: Hair Color
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Form: Cream
  • Size: 50ml
Product Description
  • Rich, long-wearing, long-wearing hair color Full coverage white hair color activator to enhance your hair color in just 10 minutes Ultra Shine for amazing radiance.
  • One of the best ammonia-free dyes that gives you a bright and strong color, and is distinguished by its natural oils that nourish the hair.
How to Use:
  • Buy two packages of the dye: even if you have medium length hair.
  • Choose the dye on the skin: If you have sensitive skin, it is preferable to do a dye test on an area of ​​the scalp to see if you will suffer from allergic reactions.
  • Apply Vaseline to the hairline: to protect your face and skin from smudging.
  • Comb your hair: Make sure to detangle the hair before you start dyeing the hair.
  • Section your hair.
  • Mix the dye.
  • Start distributing the dye: using an old comb.
  • Use a toothbrush: Use an old toothbrush or a mascara brush to dye the roots.
  • Leave the dye on the hair.
  • Wash your hair properly.
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