Ultra Fresh Baby Turtle Nutri Stick 330ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Ultra Fresh
  • Product Type: Turtle Food
  • Suitable For:Baby Aquatic Turtles
  • Volume: 330 ml
  • 100% Natural
Product Description
  • 100% naturally nutritious & formulated for superior palatability
  • Formulated using high content (up to 30%) of premium wild sword prawns, Jingou shrimps and Akiami paste shrimps, with fresh-pick garlic, sweet potato leaves and various natural seaweeds and vegetables
  • it provides ample calcium, vitamins (A & D3) and all the needed proteins from both meat and vegetables for baby turtles
  • It offers superb palatability for baby aquatic turtles such as Brazil turtles and razor-back turtles as their daily staple food or as a nutritional supplement for adult aquatic turtles
Brand Ultra Fresh
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