Flamingo Tripod Walking Stick OC 2089 (Universal)

Tripod walking stick
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Product Overview:
  • Brand: Flamingo Tripod
  • Flamingo Tripod Walking Stick is designed to provide comfort and ease in terms of walking and support for the elderly.
  • Specifications:
  • style=width: 129.258px>Size
  • style=width: 85.5078px Universal
  • Description
    • Acts as an aid which assists people in walking or improve mobility.
    • Presence of broad tripod base which provides good stability as well as firm and sturdy support.
    • Flexibility to adjust height.
    • Provides firm & sturdy support
    • Broad tripod base gives good stability
    • Better support with confidence
    • Height adjustable
    Brand Flamingo
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    Size M
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