Staedtler Sandpaper Lead Pointer, Pack of 12 Sheets

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  • Brand: Staedtler
  • Model Number: ST-923-23BKC
  • Product Type: Sandpaper
  • Material: Paper
  • Product Dimension: 1cm x 7cm x 26.8cm
    • Mounted on a wooden handle
    • Ideal for sharpening, e.g. leads, drawing pencils, pastels, charcoal sticks, crayons, tortillions and blending stumps
    • To be used to make conical wedges or elliptical points
    • The perfect tool for a quick touch-up, complete sharpening or cleaning
    • Easy and convenient to use
    • Set Contains 12 sheets of fine sandpaper mounted on a wooden handle
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    Brand Staedtler
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