Sequance For Kids Game 2 To 4 Players

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Product Details
  • Products Type:Kids Game
  • Usage/Application:For playing
  • Color:Multi Color
  • Material: Plastic, Paper
  • Age: 3+ Years
  • Number of Players: 2-4
Product Description
  • Fun and easy gameplay does not require reading
  • Players play an animal card from their hand and place a chip on a matching animal space on the board.
  • Helps kids develop strategy-building skills
  • Each card is pictured twice on the game board, so players will need to choose wisely as they try to get 4 in a row.
  • Wild cards add excitement to the game
  • Use a unicorn card to place your chip anywhere, or use a dragon card to remove an opponent's chip. Get 4 chips in a row to create a 'SEQUENCE' and win!
  • The classic game of Sequence made just for kids!
  • Play a card from your hand, and place your chip on the corresponding character on the board - the first with four chips in a row wins!
  • Exciting strategy game helps develop logical thinking skills
  • Reading is not required to play
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