Sanford SF2732EL Rechargeable Emergency Lantern 16pcs Led

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Product Details
  • Brand: Sanford
  • Type: Rechargeable Emergency Lantern
  • Model number: SF2732EL
  • Rechargeable lead-acid battery
  • DC input: DC 6.0V/I=0.25A
  • Solar input : 6~12V/I=0.25A
  • Battery capacity : 4V/1500mAh
  • Rated output: 0.8W/1.6W, 16pcs SMD LED
  • Working time: 8pcs LED working 9hrs,16pcs LED working 4hrs
  • Charging time: DC & Solar 6hrs
  • Switch mode: OFF, Low bright & High bright
  • Product Description
  • The Sanford Emergency Lantern is perfect for emergency power shut downs
  • With the compact handle
  • it is easy to hold and carry
  • Designed from quality material
  • it will serve you long for year
  • Brand Sanford
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