Royalford Water Wiper, RF7002, Red&White

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF7002
  • Type:Water Wiper
  • Color:Red&White
  • Material:Plastic
  • Dimension:16.54 x 9.45 x 4.72 cm
  • Weight:520gm
    • This shower glass wiper is an efficient window blade squeegee and a window cleanerpanion to the usual cleaning and dISInfecting products and tools to any homemercial space. Sweep away water from windows, shower glass, and other flat surfaces without damage to your bathroom surfaces.
    • Use it as part of your normal cleaning routine to dry bathrooms or kitchens, removing water after a shower, cleaning spillage, car windshields, and others, on tiles around the bathtub or where rainwater has made puddles dangerous underfoot. This shower blade can be used as glass cleaners for your coffee tables and is adaptable to dry a variety of surfaces throughout your home. Equipped with a high-quality plastic wiper, this bathroom squeegee is efficient to use even over larger areas the water can be removed with efficiency.
    • Use the squeegee to clean tiled surfaces, fogged mirrors, and soapy shower doors and of course, windows. The flexible blade on our squeegee can be used on curved surfaces, while the soft, comfortable handle nestles in the palm of your hand without slipping. The slim profile of our squeegee allows it to be stored neatly on the included suction cup hanger. The foam head is screwed on to a telescopic handle and is light and sturdy to suit your needs. For storage ease, the wiper can be hung to dry from the loop within the top of the handle.
    • QUICK & EASY - You'll just need a few strokes to remove all the water drops off any flat smooth surfaces. You can use it each time after you take a shower, it will take less time than if you clean the bathroom once a week to remove all the buildup. Using this shower squeegee, you also can invite your kid to help you and spend a few entertaining moments together.
    • DURABLE RUBBER BLADE & COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The material of the blade is important, as it defines how well the squeegee will do its job. This shower squeegee comprises of durable rubber blade. The handle of ergonomic design is rust-proof, comfortable and easy to grip.
    • MULTI-USE PLATFORMS - Suitable for hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, offices, shopping malls and home cleaning, is a good choice for cleaning floors, desks, windows, glass, mirrors, tiles, stoves and so on. It is absolutely essential in the cleaning industry tool.
    • EASY STORAGE - This lightweight, sleek Squeegee is very easy to carry and the handle has a hook in place for easier storage under your bathroom sink.
    • STREAK FREE CLEANING - Keep glass dry and remove spots or streaks easily with this wiper, leave your windows sparkling clean and streak-free of water! When it comes to the right squeegee for your home and office use, the Royalford one clicks series hand wiper Squeegee is a perfect choice.
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