Royalford Stainless Steel Metal T Peeler, RF4642, Silver

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF4642
  • Type:T Peeler
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:21 x 5 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight:90gm
    • The Royal Ford t-peeler comes in steel which is a strong and sturdy metal. It provides durability to the tool and makes it suitable for rough use. And has sharp blades that help to slice off just the skins of the vegetables and fruits with ease and efficiency. With peeler segregated edges that can cut any type of fruit and vegetable with easy, without having to put much force in it and provides a firm and comfortable grip while using.
    • Enjoy increased micro-nutrients and vitamins in your diet as chopping, cutting and slicing your favourite fruit and veg will be super easy. Peels efficiently without clogging the blades, this all-purpose T peeler does an exceptionable job at peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, lemons and parmesans among others, without clogging and dulling the blades. You can expect excellent manoeuvrability and freedom of motion, even thick-skinned veggies and fruits won't be a problem. You can easily remove peels, even when peeling in either direction. It stays durable and sharp throughout your use. No vegetable or fruit is too daunting! Peel lemons, kiwis, mangoes and avocados with ease and great speed!
    • The Royalford Heavy Duty T-Shaped Peeler boasts a sharp swivel blade that removes the toughest of fruit and vegetable skins with ease. It's really strong, so it’s ideal for daily peeling. It features a single cast design, which gives it long-lasting durability. And with its sleek ergonomic handle, you can maintain a tight but comfortable grasp. This makes peeling tough veg simple and speedy. This kitchenware can be hung in kitchens for easy storage and quick access while using.
    • Stainless Steel Material - No Rusting, No Scratches, No Stains, Easily Cleanable, And Stays Sharp Even After Months of Using. Made From Strong And Sturdy Metal, Our Veggie Peeler Also Includes Built-In Garnishing Feature For Creative Presentation of Your Food And Make Peeling Potatoes, Vegetables And Fruit An Absolute Breeze With This Original Peeler. And Has The Highest Quality, Sharp Blades Which Will Glide Through Even The Toughest Vegetables, Including Pumpkins And Squashes
    • Designed For Efficient Peeling - With The T-Shaped Blades & Segregated Edges You Can Peel With More Ease. This Vegetable Peeler Is Designed To Peel A Range of Fruit And Vegetables Including, Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Cucumbers, Apples & Acts As Basic Peeler For Cabbage Shredder, Thin Slicing, Ribbons And Slicer. The Quick Slicers Provides A Firm And Comfortable Grip ; Can Cut Any Type of Fruit And Vegetable With Easy, Without Having To Put Much Force In It.
    • Ergonomic Handle - Avoid Hand And Wrist Strain With This Peeler By Comfortably Holding The Tool At The Moulded Grip. Prevents Slippage And Is Lightweight To Lessen The Burden In Your Hands. The Peeler Has Sharp Blades That Help To Slice off Just The Skins of The Vegetables And Fruits With Ease And Efficiency. This Peeler Has Segregated Edges That Can Cut Any Type of Fruit And Vegetable With Easy, Without Having To Put Much Force In It.
    • Easy Storage - Built With A Convenient Size Which Can Be Easily Stored In Your Kitchen Drawers. Easily Maintainable Either By The Dishwasher Or By Hand. This Essential Gadget For The Kitchen Helps To Speed Up The Preparation And Cleaning of Any Food. The Complete Stainless Steel Build With Sharp Blades Make It Look More Stylish And Elegant And Adds Extra Beauty To Your Kitchen. This Kitchenware Can Be Hung In Kitchens For Easy Storage And Quick Access While Using. Peeling In A Stylish Way!
    • Stylish & Durable Design, Easy Cleaning - The Royal Ford T-Peeler Has A Tube Shaped Handle Which Provides A Firm And Comfortable Grip While Using. Designed For Toughness And Superb Functionality, But Also To Look Great In Any Kitchen; Peeling And Slicing Has Never Been Easier, Once You'Re Finished, Just Pop The Potato Peeler Into The Dishwasher For Effortless Cleaning.
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