Royalford Stainless Steel Kitchen Scraper 4 inch, RF8740, Black

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8740
  • Type:Kitchen Scraper
  • Color:Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimension:24.5 x 9.8 x 2 cm
  • Weight:130gm
    • Make a variety of everyday kitchen tasks more fun and efficient with the Chef Royalford Multi-Purpose Stainless-Steel Scraper & Chopper. It's the perfect tool for making fresh dough, separating crusts, and chopping vegetables. Ideal for bakers, chefs, and everyday cooks, the popular multi-purpose tool excels when it comes to working with dough-from scraping it off a floured board to cutting it into measured sections.
    • The handy tool can also be used to quickly and efficiently chop fresh fruits and vegetables or even to cut a pan of brownies or bars into neat, even squares for serving. Stainless Steel Chopper Home tool will help with chopping, slicing, dicing, crushing, dividing, scooping, transporting, clean-up, and more! Use this hand chopper/scraper for various kitchen jobs.
    • CLEAN & SANITARY - The large one-piece stainless steel surface Scrapper is very easy to keep clean and sanitary, easy to clean, no nooks and crannies for food deposits.
    • SLANTED BLADE DESIGN - The slanted blade design is for tool efficiency. The slant in the blade makes it easy to reach those hard to reach places like between a wired grill. It is designed at a slant to also minimize scratches.
    • HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - Made from moulded high-grade FDA stainless steel, our dough cutter is made from the ground up for durability, long life, and sustainability.
    • DOUGH SCRAPER - Ergonomic and comfortable non-slip grip handle, Stainless steel makes it easy to clean and last longer.
    • DIVIDE & SCRAPE PASTRY & BREAD DOUGH QUICKLY - This Royalford scrapper designed with this exceptionally well crafted heavy-duty 4-inch stainless steel pastry scraper blade. Helps in various cooking recipes.
    • CHOP & TRANSPORT - Chop the vegetables and other food off the cutting board and into the pan. Multipurpose for scraping, crushing, chopping, and also designed to scrape and split bread dough as well.
    • WIDELY USED - Slice, chop, scrape, mince, and scoop with this unique tool. It is useful for everything from scraping clean a pastry board to scooping up and transferring food from the cutting board to the pan. The rounded long handle is comfortable to hold.
    • COMFORTABLE HANDLE -The scraper/chopper’s thick, comfortably contoured, non-slip long handle provides a secure hold when working with dough, even when hands are covered in flour, plus it helps ensure proper leverage when dividing portions or chopping food. The handle sits high up on the blade, which prevents hands from touching the dough or other food items below.
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