Royalford Sponge Roller Mop, RF5828, Multicolor

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF5828
  • Type:Roller Mop
  • Color:Multicolor
  • Material: Metal&Sponge
  • Dimension:115 x 27 x 7 cm
  • Weight:600gm
      Get spotlessly clean floors with the RoyalFord RF5828 Sponge Roller Mop with Metal Handle. This user-friendly roller mop is made from high-quality sponge which absorbs dirt and dust and cleans in minutes. Thanks to its long metal handle, this roller mop can clean the hard to reach areas such as under the beds and sofas with ease
    • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our mop is built with a heavy-duty handle and durable quality to last for years with proper use and care. The super absorbent polyvinyl acetate sponge head cleans gently without scratching and is safe for all floor surfaces including tile, laminate, marble and wood. The roller system gives it twice the wringing power over other similar mops. Suitable for commercial, home and industrial applications.
    • SUPER ABSORBENT – Picks up over 5 times more liquid than a regular mop and locks it in place so it doesn’t drip. Instead of pushing water around like a regular mop, the mop cleans, absorbs, and dries all at once. The sponge absorbs water as you mop, so your floors dry in minutes. When not in use, the sponge dries hard so no mould or mildew will grow. The sponge will not rot, pick up odours, or smell like other conventional and sponge mops.
    • EASY TO USE – Soak a sponge in warm water for 10 minutes or more until the sponge is completely wet and soft throughout before each use. The hand-operated lever provides effortless wringing and keeps your hands free of dirt and water. Pull lever upward and toward the pole to extract dirt and water out of the sponge. Easy assembly is required of the handle. Simply attach the pole extension pieces to the mop head. To replace the mop head, unscrew the four screws and replace.
    • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – New and improved pole design with support rings for added strength. Our heavy-duty aluminium handle comes with 3 pole extension pieces so you can adjust the height to accommodate various heights and tasks. The lightweight design allows you to reach tall windows and deep under furniture without tiring you out. When you are done, you can take the pole apart for easy storage. The long metal handle makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas such as under the beds, sofas etc
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The sponge is specially designed with horizontal grooves to remove, absorb and lift tough dirt, lint, and hair off floors, windows, and other hard surfaces. Because it picks up dirt instead of pushing it around like a normal mop, you don’t have to sweep beforehand! Sweep, mop and vacuum all at the same time! Effortlessly trap spills and debris until you are ready to rinse and wring it into your mop bucket. The angled mop head can be used in tight corners and makes deep cleaning easier.
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