Royalford Rocca Easy Spin Mop And Bucket Set, RF8866, Green

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF8866
  • Type:Spin Mop
  • Color:Green
  • Material:Plastic
  • Dimension:47 x 25.8 x 22.4 cm
  • Weight:1.78kg
    • Royalford presents with the high quality Mop with bucket for your daily cleaning worries. It has super thin microfiber strands with great absorbing ability, effectively removing the foul liquid without damaging your flooring. The handle angle may be adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position, ensuring no strain on your arms while you mop! Enables cleaning without hands in the dirt water and without bending down; this self-washing and self-wringing system makes cleaning easy and reduces cleaning time! Perfect for cleaning all types of floors, your hardwood floor, laminate, tile, vinyl, stone or even concrete. You can also use it as a dry mop to pick up hair and dust.
    • The mob handle is made of steel & is strong enough to withstand applied pressure to remove those tough and stubborn floor stains. You can adjust the length of the hard floor mop with a simple twist and lock system to adjust it to your height!
    • Rotating 360° Mop - This 360° Degree Rotating Design For The Spin Mop Is Perfect For Reaching Narrow Spaces And Hard-To-Reach Areas Between Door Hinges. They Are Also Ideal For Use In Mopping The Kitchen, Bathroom, Lobby, Car, Bedroom, Etc. Putting The Mop Head Into The Dehydrate Basket, Pressing The Mop Rod To Make The Mop Head Rotate And Being Dry. Mop And Bucket Set For More Efficient Floor Cleaning, Pivot Joint On Mop Head To Get Underneath Furniture.
    • Flexible Grip - The Handle Angle May Be Adjusted From 45 To 180 Degrees For The Most Comfortable Mopping Position, Ensuring No Strain On Your Arms While You Mop! Enables Cleaning Without Hands In The Dirt Water And Without Bending Down. This Self-Washing And Self-Wringing System Makes Cleaning Easy And Reduces Cleaning Time! Perfect For Cleaning All Types of Floors, Your Hardwood Floor, Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, Stone Or Even Concrete. You Can Also Use It As A Dry Mop To Pick Up Hair And Dust.
    • Lightweight And Durable - Equipped With An Anti-Skid Sliding Grip And A Lightweight Aluminium Tube. It Is Very Easy To Carry The Handle And The Accompanying Bucket For Perfect Balance. The Mob Handle Is Made of Steel & Is Strong Enough To Withstand Applied Pressure To Remove Those Tough And Stubborn Floor Stains. The Microfiber Cloth Mop Head Has Wiping Strips That Are Absorbent Viscose, Which Are Great For Wiping Large Areas In Wavy Lines, As Well As Quickly And Easily Wiping Around The Home.
    • High-Quality Microfiber Cleaning Brush - It Has Super Thin Microfiber Strands With Great Absorbing Ability, Effectively Removing The Foul Liquid Without Damaging Your Flooring Along With Extra Particle Pick Up And A Deep Down Clean. The Bucket Holding Large Amount of Water Is Sturdy To Hold With Its Attached Carrying Handle. This Mop And Bucket Allows You To Control The Amount of Water In The Microfiber Mop, Depending On The Appropriate Amount For The Type of Floor That You Need To Clean.
    • Easy Use - The Bucket Has A Spinner In The Part Where You Put The Water. The Spinner Section Is To Wash The Mop Head. Put Mop On Top of The Bucket Agitator Keeping The Handle Straight And Pushing The Handle Down To Activate Spinning The Mop Head It Will Wring The Mop Out Fast And Easy. The Agitator Releases Dirt In The Water On The Other Side As Well As The Spin Part. No Spills, No Shock And No Damage To Floors; Microfiber Mop Heads Work Great Wet Or Dry; Keeps Your Hands Out of Dirty Water.
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