Royalford Bamboo Grinding Bowl, RF6108, Brown

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF6108
  • Type:Grinding Bow
  • Color:Brown
  • Material:Bamboo
  • Weight:1.78kg
    • Long-Lasting Quality: Forget the wooden mortars and prone-to-damage pestles, and invest your hard-earned money into a more integrous and efficient product. This solid granite mortar and pestle set are uniquely designed to withstand constant wear and tear while retaining little to no damage. Granite is a composite material which is composed of two separate minerals each with a hardness of 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale, giving the material a unique level of durability that other mortar and pestle sets cannot beat. With incomparable durability, this spice grinder is the preferred choice among cooks worldwide.
    • Handle With Ease: Mix your herbs and spices with ease with the specially designed pestle grip. You'll get the perfect mixture every time, and the set will always be simple to clean. Buy today to start grinding your mixtures the more efficient way with the defined granite pestle grip. The granite material gives users a more firm hold and in turn, more control over mixing and grinding their spices and mixtures.
    • Easy Clean: The simple, stone design allows for simple and easy cleaning after every use. Smooth and solid, the interior bowl is easily accessible for practical cleaning. A simple scrub, wipe, and rinse and your mortar and pestle set is ready for the next use.
    • HIGH QUALITY BAMBOO- Crafted from the high quality natural wood, suitable for mortars. Ergonomic Pestle. This pestle and mortar set assures premium long lasting quality and durability through years of use. No kitchen is complete without a solid, reliable pestle and mortar. We ensure ours are made to the utmost quality so it can be used in a home or professional environment. Perfect for Crusing herbs and spices, pepper, coarse salt, green beans, etc.
    • EASY CLEAN - Along with extra durability it is dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended and allow to dry before storing. The pestle and mortar allows you to grind the freshest of herbs to create the most fragrant of pesto's; and the toughest of seeds and spices to create the most aromatic of curry pastes;
    • INTEGROUS DESIGN - Ideal for constant wear and use without damage, because of material structure. This Pestle & Mortar Set is ideal for all culinary enthusiasts letting you control precisely what flavorings and seasonings go into your food.
    • EASY HANDLING - The inner bowl of this set is uniquely designed to adjust and effectively grind and mix dry and wet mixes alike with a long and easy grip handle. It is ideal for everyday and special occasion cooking, dining entertaining. A hand tool for pouching garlic and ginger, grounding them into powder or minced item.
    • DIMENSIONS - Mortar: 16cm(6.3") x 8cm(3.15"), Interior Bowl: 12cm(4.7") x 6cm(2.4"), Pestle: 17.5cm(6.9") x 4.3cm(1.7")
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    Brand Royalford
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