Royalford 5 Pieces Plastic Cloth Hanger Set, RF9436, Assorted colors

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  • Brand:Royalford
  • Model Number:RF9436
  • Type:Cloth Hanger Set
  • Color:Assorted
  • Material:Plastic
  • Set of: 5
    • CONVENIENT SIZE - A right-sized hanger keeps your clothes in place and maintains its shape. If the size of a hanger smaller than the required, then the cloth will hang downward ruining the form. If the length is more than the shirt, it will stretch the fabric in the area of the sleeve.
    • CONVENIENT WORKING - These clothes hangers can rotate 360 degrees. It allows you to rotate your clothes as you like. You can hang your blouse on the door, thanks to this feature of these coat hangers plastic.
    • ELEGANT AND SIMPLE DESIGN - Practically all modern designers recommend using closets in the closet in colour and style of hangers, this will give visual harmony to the rows of clothes, arrange all models on the same level and make it easy to navigate.
    • PERFECT FOR LIGHT CLOTHES - These non-slip hangers are made of plastic, which is a lightweight material. It is perfect for dresses, blouses, shirts, skirts, shirts, and others. These hangers also have coat hooks for ties and scarfs. If you hang all these hangers with clothes in the closet, it will not clutter it.
    • HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC - These Royalford Hangers are made from durable, high-quality material. It will not look bulky in your closet. Such coat racks can easily cope with light items of clothing including jeans and skirts, blouses, dresses, shirts and etc. Allows you to hang a shirt and pants at once on one hanger to keep your closet organized.
    • ROTATING FEATURE - These clothes hangers can be rotating direction. It allows you to rotate your clothes as you like. Hang your clothes on the door, thanks to this feature of these coat hangers. It allows you to easily rotate the hook as required in order to manage your wardrobe in a proficient manner and provide great ease of use.
    • DOES NOT DEFORM THE CLOTHES - This clothes rack has a classic shape. It is suitable for frame clothes because it does not stretch it and does not allow it to sag or fall. You can also conveniently hang up the trousers on the inner part of these plastic hangers.
    • UNIVERSAL COLORS - Hangers of this colour will fit perfectly into any interior. All of these coat hangers have the same colour, so if you fill your closet with these, it will look elegant and harmonious. Non-slip velvet coating instead of plastic or metal leaves no crease on the pant when you fold them over.
    • 5 HANGERS - The set includes 5 hangers with hooks for clothes. With this set, you can hang in your closet all your clothes. And, despite such a large number of elements, the wardrobe rail will not be too crowded, because trousers hangers are quite small.
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