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Rotpunkt Vacuum Jug 911 1/1 Ltr

Rotpunkt Vacuum Jug 911 1/1 Ltr
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  • Brand:Rotpunkt
  • Model No.:911
  • Color:Assorted
  • Type:Vacuum Flask
  • Material:PP (Polypropylene) Glass Inner Flask
  • Capacity:1 Litre
  • The design of this beautifully shaped vacuum jug is modern and timeless.
  • Two-function turn-lock cap.
  • Reliable hot keep function for more than 24 hours or 36 cold keep function if completely filled
  • Whether for client visits or on your coffee table at home; this is the best advice for you!
  • 100% BPA and phthalate free, no harmful substances.
  • BPA Free Reliable warming function for 24 hours (keeping cold for 36 hours) when the jug is completely full
  • Perfect for home and office
Price BHD11.025
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