Rotpunkt Vacuum Jug 810 R 1/1 Ltr-

Rotpunkt Vacuum Jug 810 r 1/1 Ltr-
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  • Brand:Rotpunkt
  • Model No.:810
  • Color:Assorted
  • Type:Vacuum Flask
  • Material:PP (Polypropylene) Glass Inner Flask
  • Capacity:1/1Litre
  • For more than 50 years, Rotpunkt products have been the epitome of high-quality and long-lasting insulating cans with the best warm or cold-holding function.
  • This timeless copy is a true highlight of form and color. The personal note is underlined by the unusual and dynamic design of the jug.
  • This high-quality thermos can keep coffee, tea, juice or iced tea pleasantly cool or long warm.
  • The mouth-blown glass piston is made of double-walled insulating rosalinglas. This enables an optimal and long-lasting insulation through vacuum and a special silver coating between the two glass pistons.
  • Thus, a keep-warm time of approx. 24 h and a cold-hold time of up to 36 h is achieved when the jug is filled.
  • High-quality sealing rings as well as the reliable screw cap enable a long and reliable use.
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