Riversong safari p2 car charger cable CC39C

RIVERSONG safari p2 car charger CC39C
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  • Brand:Riversong
  • Type:Car Charger
  • Model Number: CC39C
  • Colour:Black
  • Connector Type:USB
  • Total USB Ports:2
    • Dual USB ports allows to charge two devices simultaneously
    • Supports quick charging for charging your device fast
    • Made with high quality and durable material for longevity
    • 2 USB ports for charging up to 2 devices simultaneously
    • Compatible Devices : Mobile, Smart Watch, TV, Tablet
    • 2.4 Amp of power for safe and fast charging
    • Plugs into car's cigarette lighter and ready for work
    Brand Riversong
    Price BHD1.785
    Wallet Cash Back BHD0.000
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