Rhythm Wall Clock,CMG494DR05

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  • Brand: RHYTHM
  • Collection: Wall Clocks Others
  • Model: CMG494DR05
  • Color :Green
  • Item Weight :499 g
  • Package Dimensions :5 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Primary material :Plastic
  • Capacity :Standard
  • Number of Pieces :1
  • Item Shape :Round
  • Description
  • 3D NUMBERS Super Luminous-Glow in the dark (6-7 hours in the dark) Value Added Wall Clock Convex Glass3D Numerals, Silent Silky Move, Pearl Printing Dial PolyResin Case Analogue
  • Jumbo wall clock, mirror finished glass, luminous materials in our clocks are strontium aluminatebased non-radioactive and nontoxic photo luminescent pigments. It does not contain radium
  • Clock with extraordinary display, it looks uniquely stylish wherever you hang it. Super smooth finish with fabulous movement clock
  • Perfectly Made for Home Decoration, Café, Restaurant, Office, Study, Bedroom, Hotel and Classroom
  • 1 Year Offsite Warranty.
  • Description
  • Rhythm watch Co . LTD. Japan was established in 1950 over the years, we have developed into a world leader in the manufacturing of time keeping products with the production of over 600,000,000 clocks and movements sold throughout the world.
  • What sets Rhythm apart from the rest of the industry is it 's investment in the development of State -of -the -art features and designs.
  • Rhythm 's approach is """" Don't follow be a Leader"""". And that is what Rhythm has done by developing features and designs that meet the needs of today's Lifestyle of the consumer also keeping in mind the merchandising needs with motion and sound that attract the consumer.
  • Since Rhythm is a vertically integrated manufacturing company , we make what we sell.
  • Total quality Control is enforced from design concept right through the entire manufacturing process.
  • This assures customers of a quality time piece from Rhythm.
  • Rhythm is a worldwide company that has a reputation for quality and design.
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