RhinoShield Bumper Case for Apple iPhone XR Black Shock Proof

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Product Details
  • Brand: RhinoShield
  • Product Code: CGN0108524
  • Product Type: Bumper Case
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatible With: Apple iPhone XR
Product Description
  • With the CrashGuard NX iPhone XR Case from RhinoShield, you get a snug-fitting, bumper-style case that's designed to protect your phone from drops utilizing ShockSpread material. ShockSpread has been engineered to exceed the 810G military drop test specification, and all of that protection comes in a lightweight and modular case design that you can customize to your liking. Just grab additional CrashGuard NX or Mod NX cases (not included) and you can swap out the bumper, rim, and individual buttons for a color combo that's all your own.
  • ShockSpread Material: The ShockSpread material of this case is 3mm thin, 0.6 oz light, and features a shock-absorbing honeycomb structure that lines the inner surface of the bumper. RhinoShield has engineered their ShockSpread material to absorb impacts of over 11', exceeding the MIL-STD-810G US military drop test standard.
  • Converts to a Standard Case: The CrashGuard NX is a bumper-style case that gives you complete edge protection, but if you decide that you want a more standard case design, you can convert it by pairing this with an (optional) RhinoShield Mod NX backplate. You simply remove the rim of the CrashGuard NX and apply the backplate from the Mod NX case.
  • Protection for You: The CrashGuard NX doesn't just protect your phone. RhinoShield has formulated the material that makes up the case to meet US FDA food-grade standards. In addition, the CrashGuard NX contains no BPA, BPS, or BPF chemicals.
Key Features:
  • Bumper-Style Case for the iPhone XR.
  • Modular and Customizable Design.
  • Constructed from ShockSpread Material.
  • Over 11' of Drop Protection.
  • Shock Absorbing Honeycomb Interior.
  • 0.6 oz Lightweight Construction.
  • 3mm Thin for a Snug Fit.
  • Compatible with Mod NX Backplates.
  • Meets US FDA Food-Grade Standards.
  • No BPA, BPS, or BPF Chemicals.
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