Remington D5215 U51 Pro-Air Shine Dryer - Black

  • Enjoy our powerful 2300W hairdryer, which features an ion generator with 90% more ions * for shiny, frizz-free hair. Thanks to its three temperature settings and two speeds and the blast of cold air to set your style, this dryer will help you create the perfect look
  • Diffuser for extra volume: Use the diffuser to give volume from the roots and define curly or wavy hair. Keep your head upright and place the diffuser against the top of your head. Gently turn the dryer so that the diffuser fingers gently massage the scalp, setting the hair dryer to low temperature and speed
  • Concentrator for straight hair: With the concentrator you can achieve a super smooth look while drying your hair quickly with the powerful air flow of 85 km / h
  • Easy to use: This dryer is very easy to use. Choose from 3 levels of temperature, 2 levels of speed and a real blast of air, so you can achieve the perfect hairstyle whatever your hair type
  • Ionic generator to avoid frizz: In addition to the 2300W that provides a powerful airflow of 85 km / h, this dryer incorporates an ionic conditioning with 90% more ions that reduces frizz and enhances shine
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