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  • PUREDERM Botanical Choiceâ„¢ Nose Pore Strips “CHARCOAL” are one-step cleansing treatment specifically designed to unclog pores and lift away unwanted blackheads.
  • The strip removes dirt and oil which clog pores, leaving your skin clear and smooth .
  • You’ll feel a dramatic difference after just one use, and continued use of Nose Pore Strips works to tighten pores, keeping skin looking and feeling fresh.
  •  Thoroughly wash your face.
  • Dry hands, then open packet and peel the strip off from the plastic liner.
  • Thoroughly wet your nose with water.
  • If nose is not wet enough, the strip may not stick and may not be effective.
  • Apply the strip to moistened nose area with the shiny side facing your skin.
  • Let the strip dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The strip should feel stiff as it dries.
  • Depending on humidity, climate оr perspiration, leave on slightly longer or shorter.
  • After the strip is dried, slowly and carefully peel off strips starting at edges, pulling toward center.
  • If there are any residue, rinse off with water.
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