Precious Skin Kojic Collagen Soap, 60gm

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  • Brand:Precious Skin
  • Type:Soap
  • Targeted group:Men & Women
  • Quantity:60gm
  • Skin Type: All
      Extreme Whitening Soap is soft, gentle, cleansing whipped foam. It is combination of Kojic Acid + Collagen + Snail Secretion and this wxtreme whitening soap that does not hurt your skin, With light fragrance for soothing and calming effect while using the soap
    • Deep cleansing skin treatment
    • Completely removes impurities in pores
    • Reveal softer, smoother & brighter skin
    • Kills bacteria
    • Lightens acne blemishes, freckles and spots
    • Improves wrinkles because of youthful effects of Collagen
    • Fragrance and a lot of bubbles
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