Philips Portable Water Pump, Rechargeable AWP1721

Philips Water Pump AWP1721
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Technical Specifications
  • Brand : Philips
  • Water flow rate : 1.2L/min
  • Product color : White

Say goodbye to heavy lifting

  • Automatic water cutoff
  • Applicable for gallon bottles

No more heavy lifting or manual pumping

With this portable electric pump, there's no need to lift the heavy gallon bottle or manually pump the water out of the bottle. With a simple press of button, water is automatically extracted from the gallon bottles.

Fits most standard sizes of gallon bottles

Compatible with different capacity bottles: 7.5L, 11.3L, 15L, 18.9L, or gallon bottles with a neck length of 2.16 inches/5.5 cm.

Battery lasts up to 1 month per change

The USB rechargeable battery can extract up to 7 bottles of 5-gallon water with a single charge, which equals about one-month usage.

Ultimate space-saving design

Extra compact and slim design virtually fits anywhere.

High-quality food grade material

Made of high-quality food grade material.

Automatic water cutoff prevents overflow

The pumping process will stop automatically in 60 seconds to prevent overflow, which makes your usage worry-free.

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