Philips OneBlade Pro

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  • Brand: Philips
  • Model Number: QP6505/23
  • Type : Shaving Set
  • Color : Black, lime green and silver
  • Max Power consumption : 5.4W
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Charging: 1 hour full charge
  • Automatic Voltage: 100-240 V
    • Ergonomic grip & handling
    • Charging: Rechargeable
    • Wet and dry use: Yes
    • Display: 3 LED battery indicator
    • Comb: 9-length settings (0.5 - 7 mm)
    • Pouch: Travel pouch
    • 2-year guarantee :On the handle
    • Replacement head: QP210, QP220, QP610, QP620,Replace every 4 months
      Unique OneBlade technology
      • The Philips OneBlade has a revolutionary technology designed for facial styling and body grooming. It can trim, edge and shave any length of hair. Its dual protection system – a glide coating combined with rounded tips – makes shaving easier and comfortable. Its shaving technology features a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) so it's efficient - even on longer hairs
      Trim it down
      • Trim your beard to an even length with the included adjustable precision comb. Dial up one of the 12 lock-in length settings to get everything from a 5 o'clock shadow, to a tight trim, to a longer beard style
      Edge it up
      • Create precise edges with the dual-sided blade. You can shave in either direction to get great visibility and see every hair that you're cutting. Line up your style in seconds
      Shave it off
      • OneBlade doesn't shave as close as a traditional blade - so your skin stays comfortable. Go against the grain and shave off any length of hair easily
      Contour following
      • OneBlade follows the contours of your face allowing you to effectively and comfortably trim and shave all areas of your face
      Create precise edges & sharp lines with the dual-sided blade
      • OneBlade follows the contours of your face, allowing you to easily and comfortably trim and shave all areas. Use the dual-sided blade to style your edges and create clean lines by moving the blade in any direction
      Precision trimming comb has 9 length settings (0.5 to 7mm)e
      • The versatile precision trimming comb offers length settings from 0.5mm to 7mm, giving you an even trim at exactly the length you want
      Durable OneBlade
      • The blades are designed for lasting performance. For optimal performance, you will only need to replace each blade every 4 months*. Replacement is easy and hassle free
      Wet & dry
      • OneBlade is water resistant, so it is easy to clean: just rinse it under the tap. You can also shave with or without foam - whichever you prefer
      60 min Li-Ion battery
      • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery delivers 60 minutes of constant styling power after a 1 hour charging.
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