Perfect White Dark Spot Remover 7 Days 40ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Perfect White
  • Product Type : Dark Spot Remover
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Item Form : Cream
  • Quantity : 40ml
  • Provides a deeply cleaned, tingly-smooth skin
  • It helps to control excess oil, unclogs pores, giving the skin a unified tone
  • Vitamin C content helps give a naturally bright and beautiful glow to your skin
Product Description
  • It acts on the areas of importance i.e., spots on your skin
  • Black or dark spots of pimples, pigmentation, acne, underarm etc., are the target areas of this product
  • Eau, Emulsionnant, H.V., V.B., I.P.M., Alcool cetostearylique, Glycerine, M.P.G., Actifs Bio-Vegetaux 2%, Parabens, B.H.T, Fragrance, Colorants
  • Wash your face thoroughly & pat dry
  • Take a little dark spot remover on the tip of your finger
  • Apply it to the area of importance, being spots or marks
  • Massage, till it is absorbed by the skin and vanishes away
  • Make sure you apply it daily after washing your skin thoroughly
  • It is more effective during the night
  • So, apply it before you sign off for the night
  • Give it a time of 3 weeks, it will start to show it’s effective
  • For Better Results use it with 7 Day Magic Lemon Soap or BioCarrot Soap or Gold Skin Soap
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