Paleo Wooden 3 Place Hot Pad For Casserole, Beechwood

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  • Brand:Paleo
  • Model number:PL3000
  • Type:Wooden Hot Pad
  • Color:Brown
  • Size: 3 place
    • With Paleo, we begin to rediscover the first ages of humanity. We are bringing the healthy and traditional cooking methods right back to your kitchens. It has been ages, cast iron is still known as the only material that can diffuse the heat best and seal the flavour in the food with no nutritional value loss.
    • Paleo products are made of cast iron. So, all Paleos can be used on all types of cooktops from induction to gas hobs. Along with its stylistic design, Paleo cooking also saves energy, provides maximum taste with the healthiest cooking experience.
    Brand Paleo
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