Organ Premium Booster Mask - 20ml

Organ Premium Booster Mask - 20ml
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Product Details
  • Brand: Organ
  • Product Type: Face Mask
  • Size: 20ml
  • Properties: Help stimulate the skin urgently, bouncing face, clear face within 5-8 hours
  • Suggested For: For those who have wrinkles, dullness
Product Description
  • Organ Premium Booster Mask helps to nourish the skin deeply
  • With a concentrated extract from ALPINIAWHITE that helps inhibit melanin pigment
  • Helps prevent melasma And Mandarinclear that help smoothen your skin and create truly luminous glow That help to clear, tighten and smooth skin as well
  • ALPINIAWHITE: seed extract, ginger species Katsu Japanese people have (Katsumadai)
  • MANDARINCLEAR: Extracts of mandarin
  • SODIUM HYALURONATE: sodium hyaluronic Connecticut
  • ARBUTIN : Arbutin
  • NIACINAMIDE : Vitamin B3
  • RADVON : Black Bean Extract
  • WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT : Witch Hazel Extract
Direction To Use
  • Apply Organ Premium Booster Mask before bed time 2 or 3 days per week
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