New Creep at School: The Creeper Diaries

New Creep at School: The Creeper Diaries
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  • Binding:Paperback.
  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years.
  • Is a cool new creeper as friendly as he seems? Gerald is thrilled when a new creeper starts up at Mob Middle School. Finally, thereíll be a mob to hang out with that isnít a bouncy slime or a flesh-eating zombie! With Connor by his side, Gerald starts his thirty-day plan to make creepers the coolest mob at school.
  • At first, Connor does seem cool. He seems to have endless amounts of emeralds for the vending machine.
  • He figures out a way to get Gerald on the field trip bus, even though Geraldís parents didnít exactly give permission. And he plays pranks on Bones and his bony buddies that Gerald would have never tried alone.
  • But when Geraldís journal goes missing and his private thoughts and secret rap songs start spreading around school, Gerald wonders if Connor is behind it. He needs help solving the mystery surrounding this new mob.
  • The only problem? Geraldís old friends are suddenly nowhere to be found. Is this creeper on his own?.
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