Menoforsan Natural Anti-Insect Powder With Margose - 250g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Menoforsan
  • Product Type: Anti-Insect Powder
  • Suitable For: Birds
  • Quantity: 250g
Product Description
  • Natural powder repellent for direct use for preventive and curative treatment against any type of insects, lice and mites
  • It contains NEEM extracts, a natural origin insecticide that does not cause any adverse or toxic side effect
  • It contains deodorizing agents that eliminate bad smells. Recommended for any type of bird (canary, parakeets, parrots and pigeons)
  • It can be used directly on the bird and in its environment (roosting grounds, trays, nests, walls and corners)
Brand Menoforsan
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