Staedtler Mars Micro 775 0.7 mm Mechanical Pencil with Mars Micro Carbon 250-Lead Tube

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Product Details
  • Brand: Staedtler
  • Model Number: ST-775-7ABK25D
  • Product Type: Mechanical Pencil/Pencil Lead
  • Barrel Color: Blue
  • Material: Metal,Plastic
  • Lead Diameter: 0.7 mm
  • Lead Type: HB
  • Blistercard containing 1 Mars micro 775 0.7 mm mechanical pencil plus 1 lead tube Mars micro carbon 250 free
Product Description
  • Mechanical pencil for writing and drawing
  • Rigid, cylindrical lead sleeve, ideal for use with rulers and templates
  • Non-slip rubber grip zone
  • Metal clip, push-button and tip
  • Pocket-safe thanks to retractable lead sleeve
  • Cushioned lead for excellent brake resistance
  • PVC and latex-free eraser
  • Refillable
  • Ideal for students, office or personal use
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Brand Staedtler
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