Marion Strikes a Pose: 08 (Critter Club)

Marion Strikes a Pose: 08 (Critter Club)
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  • Binding: Paperback ñ Illustrated.
  • Categories: 6-8 years.
  • Fashionista Marion enters a styling competition in the eighth book of the Critter Club seriesñbut will she regret helping out one of her competitors?.
  • Marion is so excited. Thereís an upcoming kidsí fashion show for charity, and the students at Santa Vista Elementary get to style an outfit for it! Since only one design from each grade will get picked for the show, Marion knows she has to win. So sheís surprised when a girl named Olivia asks her for some style advice.
  • Marion agrees to help Olivia, and actually has fun doing it! But problems arise when Marion realizes that Olivia has designed the exact outfit Marion had planned to present to the judges.
  • So Marion tells a little white lie in order to get her way. At first, she is excited to impress the judges, but soon, another feeling creeps up on her. Is it guilt? Will Marion tell Olivia what she did?
  • And whose outfit will get picked for the fashion show? Plus, Marion deals with taking care of some frogs at The Critter Club.
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