Magic Grip Tape

BOXD Magic Grip Tape-43
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  • Type:Anti Slip Tape
  • Adhesive Type:Repulable
  • Colour :Clear
  • Used For:Sticking on Stairs, Sticking on Walls, Sticking on Kitchen Walls for Hanging Light Weight Equipment
  • Weather Resistant:Yes
  • Water Resistant:Yes
  • Feature Made of hard and durable quartz sand particles.
  • Such particles are embedded in a high strength, crosslinking, and climate resistant plastic film, which is one of the hardest known material to date.
  • When the adhesive tape is used, it has a pressure sensitive and strong adhesion, which can be quickly bonded, and can be easily attached to the surface of a number of difficult to attach.
  • Application Instruments: skateboard, scooter, treadmills, fitness equipment, lathe and printing machine set foot in the soles of the feet, the bus channel, cascade; Place: kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, homes for the elderly, station, subway station, docks, hotels, clubs, kitchen, bathroom, playground, fitness and entertainment room, elevator access, slope, yard, workspace and decks places.
  • It can also be used for the tour buses, ships, trucks, trailers, aircraft ladder, large or small power equipment.


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