Logitech G502 Mouse Wireless

Logitech G502 Mouse Wireless
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  • High-performance design:The iconic shape that pushed the boundaries of PC gaming mouse has evolved for wireless performance & internal endoskeleton structure to reduce weight & increase gaming control
  • LIGHTSPEED wireless : The LIGHTSPEED ecosystem of USB wireless Logitech gaming mouse technologies are trusted by esports professionals to deliver pro-grade, ultra-fast and reliable gaming performance
  • HERO 16K sensor : The HERO sensor delivers class-leading performance up to 16000 DPI, with pixel-precise performance and zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration 11 buttons and hyper-fast scroll wheel : Primary buttons feature metal-spring tensioning for fast, crisp actuation.
  • Customise keybinds and macros for each game and app.
  • Tuneable weight & Colour systems :Customise weight and balance of your mouse with 6 adjustable weights for optimal pixel tracking & targeting.
  • Chose from 16.8 mn colours for your LIGHTSYNC RGB mouse
  • Lightsync RGB technology: Fully customize RGB lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors, synchronize lighting with your gameplay, and create your own personal RGB animations
  • G502 is an icon, topping the charts through every generation, and the mouse of choice for serious gamers.
  • Now, G502 joins the ranks of the worldís most advanced wireless gaming mice with the release of G502 LIGHTSPEED.
  • LIGHTSPEED is ultra-fast and reliable with performance trusted in competition by esports pros.
  • G502 LIGHTSPEED also features the next-generation HERO 25K sensor and is POWERPLAY compatible.
  • With this complete advanced technology remastering, G502 LIGHTSPEED still retains the same beloved shapeóand achieves a 7-gram weight reduction.
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