LifePrint Film 2x3" - 30-Pack Zink Printer Paper

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Product Details
  • Brand: LifePrint
  • Product Code: LPFILM30
  • Product Type: Printer Paper
  • Exposures Per Roll: 30
  • Compatible With 2x3 Printers Only
Product Description
  • Lifeprint’ s Augmented Reality Hyper photos make your photos come to life like magic in your hands.
  • Print Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, GIFs, and Apple Live Photos. Yes, Lifeprint can print moving GIFs and your saved video Snaps. Just imagine the cat video possibilities
  • Share your photos to any Lifeprint printer! Lifeprint has a
  • Following/Followers system just like other social media.
  • Includes a full photo-editing suite. Add filters, text, memes, stickers, and more. Really go crazy with the stickers. Have fun.
  • Lifeprint' s 2x3 photos are also stickers! Perfect for decorating your walls, photo albums, or MacBook.
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