Krypton Volume and Curl Air Hair Styler With 360° Swivel Cord, KNH6081, White

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  • Brand:Krypton
  • Model Number:KNH6081
  • Type:Hair Styler
  • Color:White
  • Applicable Hair: Dry&Wet
  • Assembly Mode: 360° rotatable
  • Speeds Control: 1
  • Temperature Control: 3
  • Safety Cut Off: Yes
  • Power:800W
  • AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions:45 x 42 x 11 cm
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year of Manufacturer's Warranty
      Krypton KNH6081 800W Hair Styler- Gives your hair style efficiently while it simultaneously dries each strand. Temperature control Maintains precise temperature wit heat settings Unique airflow vents Enhanced design for faster drying and better coverage. Oval design Gently rotates left and right for both inner outerfacing curls, providing flexibility to style. Ergonomic handle For maximum comfort and ease of use during styling.
    • SPEED - You can change the speed with the help of two buttons located on the body of the hairdryer brush. Use the first one to dry your hair or give it volume without much harm to your hair. With the help of the second, you can quickly give your hair the desired shape, but it is not recommended to do it too often, so as not to spoil them. You can get more control, better results, and more exciting looks than ever before.
    • OVERHEAT PROTECTION - If you are afraid that the device will overheat, then it is in vain. This hair dryer is protected from overheating. Thanks to this device will serve you for long and reliable years.
    • BLOW BRUSH INCLUDED - It will be much more convenient for you to shape your hair or to dry it with a special hair brush. Attach it to the body of the device to start creating. After use, you can remove the blow dry brush and rinse it in clean water. With the easy-to-use Krypton Styler, the hardest part is deciding which look you want to work. So simple, the styling attachment heads simply click on and off so you can change it up every day.
    • 800W POWERFUL MOTOR - The greater the power of the device, the faster and better it cope with its task. Too much power is also not good, because it can ruin your hair. The power of this styler is 800W, which is the most optimal solution. With this, you can spend a minimum of time and get the most benefit.
    • HANGING LOOP, WARRANTY - A small loop will allow you to hang the ionic hair brush on a hook in the bathroom or in another room. This will save you space in the room. It will firmly hold your device and will not allow it to fall and be damaged. This hair styling tool is especially good for short, fine hair styles.
    • 360 DEGREE SWIVEL CORD - Hot Air Comb can be removed with a button and various accessories can be mounted. 360 degree rotating 2 meter power cord for flexible movement without twisting the cable.
    Brand Krypton
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