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Buy Microwave Oven Online At Freshpikk.com

In the fast growing world, everyone is busy with the hectic work schedule, daily chores and lot of other activities. In these busy lives food is something we cannot compromise but at the same has no much time to spend in the kitchen. Hot and fresh food is our favorite but demanding at times. A Microwave Oven is an instant problem solver during these times. The usage of microwave oven is so very common at homes and workplaces due to its simple to use technology, promptness and compact size. Now a days Microwave Ovens have become an unavoidable kitchen appliance in the modern kitchen which also has options to grill, reheat. Moreover a chance to be the best home baker .

Without microwave oven, baking is a pain. There are lot of other dish that we can prepare in a microwave oven such as pizza, muffins, cakes, chicken grills, popcorn, etc. You can set the time and can stay relaxed. It save energy as well. Once you start using a right microwave oven, you are going to fall in love with, because of its multi-functional benefits.

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  • Why should you buy Microwave Oven Online?

    In Bahrain, you can find number of online stores selling home appliances online. Online sites are ideal for buying electronics, as it give you a wide options of the products you’re looking for. You can go through the info,description, review rating , price etc. now if your browsing via Online At Freshpikk.com we make the shopping process even more simplified ad quicker. Our customer service has strong chat support to guide you to select the product.

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  • What all are the different types of Microwave Ovens?

    There are three types of microwave ovens that are available in the market.
    1. Grill Microwave Oven

      If you are looking for microwave ovens mainly for grilling, you can find grill microwave ovens, it come with several additional grilling accessories. They are best suitable to grill meat and soft vegetables as well

      Functions of Grill Microwave Oven:

      Grill microwave ovens is used to pop corns, cook rice, pasta, warming milk,coffee and tea. Heating and warming up food and drinks is an awesome feature that all microwave ovens have. Defrosting feature of the microwave oven is another life saver of the day.

      Choose the best Grill Microwave Oven from Freshpikk.com, and enjoy free delivery

    2. Solo Microwave Oven

      Solo microwave ovens are entry-level models in the microwave oven category for daily simple meal preps. Sometimes heating left over food is more effortful than cooking a whole new dish. Here, Solo microwave oven is all you need, no extra dish to wash. Just serve the food in a plate, heat it up and have it! No more cooking mess in the kitchen and pantry. These are ideal for reheating and simple cooking.

      Functions of Solo Microwave Oven:

      A solo microwave comes up with basic features of cooking, defrosting etc. You may not be able to grill or bake in Solo microwave oven

    3. Convection Microwave Oven

      Convection microwave ovens are the multifunctional ovens with a fan and a heating element that ensure airflow patterns inside the microwave oven. Convection microwave ovens are best for grilling and baking purpose.

      Functions of Convection Microwave Oven:

      Convention Microwave Ovens covers the functions of solo microwave oven. Grill microwave oven, in addition, has many more features in to it. If you are looking for one time investment, we suggest to get a convention microwave ovens. However, these models do tend to be more expensive than the other options.
  • What are the normal features of Microwave Oven?

    1. Power Settings

      Almost all microwave oven have power setting system. High voltage means high performance. For preparing heavy or bulk quantities powerful microwave is what you can opt. Basic use like heating up, defrosting or for less people usage, low power microwave is enough.

    2. Time Settings

      You can set the timer according to your need. The process of heating up or even cooking is done from 30 seconds to 10 mins

    3. Defrost

      defrosting is a basic feature that all microwave oven provides. Defrosting is no big deal. No worries of planning ahead with frozen food, the option is still alive with defrosting microwave oven in your kitchen

    4. Child Lock

      child lock is a safety feature that any standard basic model has. You can setup a password to unlock the oven. It is ideal for working parents with kids left home, and homes where toddlers are proactive and has an exploratory mode. This feature keeps all safe and leaves less risk for accidents kids at home

    5. Preheat

      For some recipes, before the actual process of cooking, preheating is mandatory. Oven needs to be preheated at a certain temperature. So then you need to turn on and set the required temperature for minutes that is been instructed and then add the food to cook. This process is called as preheating.

    6. Auto cook

      You can simply set the dish you want to cook; depending on the food weight microwave will auto adjust the power wattage and time.

  • What is Auto cooking settings in Microwave Oven?

    Auto cooking feature with a microwave make thing even more simpler and easy. In fact, the auto cook menu feature is good and used as 'quick microwave recipes'. When you cook in a microwave oven you need to specify some settings, such as power wattage and cooking duration, which can be difficult for beginners. But with this auto cook menu feature all you would need to do is to simply specify the dish type you want to cook. Depending on the food weight microwave will auto adjust the power wattage and time.

  • Where do I get to buy the Microwave oven accessories?

    Freshpikk.com will be a good catch for you. All accessories including heat resistant gloves, cookware suitable for microwave use, placing stands are not only available but also has a lot of choices to choose between the ranges of product, brand and price in the website and app.
    Considering maintenance in mind, microwave oven is fairly rough used and has low maintenance. All you have to do is to check the guide of the product after you purchase to see if its steel and aluminium dish friendly. Some microwave ovens doesn’t support these contents