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Busy lives need smart technologies. An induction cooker is one of them. No gas run-out, no worry of calling the gas agency closing down on weekends, no booking, no waiting. Wow, that, so much convenience and a well-planned move.

On top of all, the cooking time is less on inductions than gas or any other electric stoves. Because of its huge benefits and handy solution to time-management, space management; any modular kitchen remains incomplete without induction cooking. In fact, its several benefits over gas and electricity have made induction cooking, a growing kitchen trend over the years. This popularity is because of its amazing features and the wide cooking options as well.

From a gentle butter/chocolate melting, to boil anything like 2 liters of water in a few minutes; instant noodles on a lazy day, and even a full day meal prep. Induction cooking is being more common in new and old-fashioned kitchens and has become a trademark of cosmopolitan cooking for its time-saving and safety features.

What is induction cooking?

Induction cook-tops resemble electric smooth-top burners in appearance. But they do not have burners underneath the surface. Instead, induction cook-tops harness electromagnetic energy to heat pans and utensils directly.

Thus, the major difference between induction cooktops and electric/gas burners is this: unlike electric/gas burners, cooktops pass heats food directly and not the cooking pots. As a result, there is minimum wastage of heat. Safety is another feature that induction cooker is known for, working couples can leave kids unattended in the kitchen because of its safety.

Here’s why induction cook-tops best suit your kitchen according to research.
Induction cooktops are a product of modern innovation and technology, making them efficient over traditional gas burners and electric stoves.

Here are 7 benefits of having induction cook-tops :

  • Induction cooking reduces energy consumption by 70%:
    Induction cooktops can deliver up to 90% of the heat generated to the food in the pan. But electric stove and gas burners can manage to deliver up to 70% and 38% of the heat generated respectively. This is the reason why induction chulha can boil water in a record time, as there is not much scope for heat loss.

  • Highly safe without flames or ignition:
    Induction cooktops transfer heat generated directly to the pan, without generating any flame. This makes it the best option for modular kitchen cooking since fire hazards from the cooking flame can be eliminated completely. Induction cooker online relies on electromagnetic energy. The heat is transferred to the pan only after an electromagnetic field is detected. Induction can heat only those utensils which has a magnetic bottom made of steel or iron.

  • Faster food preparation:
    A typical induction cooktop can heat up to 665.6°F, while gas burners and electric stoves heat up to 428°F and 741.8°F respectively. Although an electric stove can get slightly hotter than an induction stove online, it takes a longer time to cool down when switching from high to low heat. Hence, there is a chance that an electric stove can ruin high-temperature cooking, which is not the case with induction stoves online. Moreover, electric stove lacks precision over temperature control. Hence it cannot be relied upon for doing delicate cooking. Induction’s direct heating does not fluctuate.

  • Avoids cooking burns:
    An added advantage of induction is its design. The surface of the induction cooktop remains cool throughout heating. So, there is no need to worry about burning one’s hand while cooking.

  • Easy cleaning & maintenance:
    One of the biggest tasks in the kitchen is to clean the stove after cooking. But this can be completely avoided in induction cooktops. A smooth and flat surface body makes induction easy to clean. The cooking surface is flat without any holes. So it is very easy to clean the spills. Kutchina offers the best induction cooktop that makes cleaning effortless.

  • Available in different sizes:
    Induction stove online comes in many space-saving sizes. Induction cooktops come in a size range of 30-inch to 36-inch, like most cooktops. But they can also be made in custom sizes, based on the company’s offerings. This feature makes induction cookers online an integral part of modular kitchens, as they do not ruin the aesthetics of the kitchen.

  • Reliability and innovation:
    Energy efficiency, cooking safety